In December 2011 I was able to participate in my first group show, Judge & Jury by Kianga Ellis Projects.  I rented a Zipcar, put the Kanye piece in the back of the trunk and headed off to Brooklyn.  I was probably the first person to drop off my work and I felt anxious because I had never been amongst people that called themselves “artists”.  It was an interesting moment for me because I felt like I didn’t belong.  My work looked different, I looked different, and it was all new to me. 

It was the first time putting my art in a public space and the ironic thing is I wasn’t able to be present.  I was taking a trip to Jamaica to visit my family for Christmas. The night of the event I Twitter stalked people posting photos through the hashtag and “watched” the show from another country.  There were a few photos with my work positioned above everyone and in the spotlight. At the moment I felt even more awkward because my work was separate from everyone else.  Now looking back, I appreciate the position my work was put in. Shout out to Ms. Kianga for my very first show!