What is the script for the Invisible Hieroglyphics video?

Personally this project sparked numerous long conversations about what art is, society, communication, and digital tech between Victor and myself. After a few iterations, this script got to the essence of what we learned and wanted to express about the project. Here it is (also the track is from one of our favorites, Sebastien Tellier):

Art is everywhere…

But it’s not always in a frame.

Art is simply the byproduct of human activity,

whether by intentional design,

or serendipitous encounter.

It’s always present,

But you have to be watching.


Paying attention.

As we continue to digitize our world,

the human touch has been downgraded from an instrument of creation,

to a tool for navigating various devices.

These taps, swipes, pinches, and prints

are like human stains on digital interfaces.

Left behind to be forgotten,


and wiped clean.

Yet, similar to ancient writings on stone, these ethereal imprints tell the story of our time.

They offer insight into our technology driven culture and a new perspective on human interaction and connectivity.

These Invisible Hieroglyphics must not be undervalued, for they illuminate the story of how we interact with the modern world.