What was the first thing you ever painted?

It probably was thrown out a long time ago but it all started by watching Bob Ross and telling my mom I could paint just like him if I wanted to.  I was in 8th grade at the time and grabbed a piece of cardboard, some  watercolors, and went to work.  I remember exactly what it looked like and it wasn’t as fly as I thought it would be, ha.  But still my family thought it was good enough to get me a Bob Ross paint set for like $100 that Christmas.  At that point there was no turning back and got to work.  Here is one of the pieces I did for my grandmother back in the day that’s still up on her wall in Jamaica.


and from that point, I started hustling.  I sold paintings to people on my block, my friends’ parents, soccer moms, and whoever else wanted some artwork.  Stacked my chips and bought a Mongoose BMX bike, pair of Jordans, and whatever else a teenage boy could want.

Fast forward probably a decade…

I hadn’t done anything creative with my hands in forever. And my wife (girlfriend at the time) saw my old sketches and paintings at my parent’s house and bought me an easel/paints for Christmas. The gift sat in my apartment for a year or so without me touching it. And then a summer later, I took time off to challenge myself creatively and this is what I painted. 


I didn’t realize it until now but it’s kind of wild how history somehow repeated itself…