No place or thing should be void of art and this story illustrates that.  The best part was, I wasn’t expecting it…

The story began with an email.  Standard stuff like, “what are the dimensions” and, “how fast can it be delivered”. Then the email chain changed into peculiar questions that I wasn’t used to:

  • "How much weight can be placed on top?"
  • "Can the acrylic glass be made thicker?"
  • "Does it scratch easily if things are placed on it?"
  • "Is it printed on top of the glass or behind?"
  • "Can I screw into the backing?"

I answered all the questions, sent an invoice, received payment, processed the order, the piece is shipped and eventually delivered.

A few weeks later, I get an email with a series of photos that blew my mind.  This customer converted my art into functional art as desks for his home office:

This is genius and incredible.  I am jealous, honored, and impressed by these tables and someday hopefully I’ll make one for myself…

Since then I put an acrylic print as an option if anyone ever wants to do the same thing:

Also if you own a piece of my artwork and have a story to tell, shoot me a note.