Each piece has a story but they also create their own as they travel the world. Every now and then I’ll drop a story about people that own my art.  Sometimes it’s a personal story from me or sometimes something that has been shared with me.  Here is one from Stephanie Slatt that made my day:

When I knew I would be moving to NYC for grad school, I was excited at the chance to decorate my own apartment. I have always loved Erykah Badu’s music and I set out on a hunt to find the perfect painting of her. I knew I wanted it to be unique and like none other. I was so excited when I found Andre’s painting being sold on a gallery website, but when I tried to purchase it, I was told they were no longer selling it and I would have to get in contact with the artist directly. I was a bit disappointed thinking “there is no way this awesome artist is going to reply to my little email about this painting.” To my surprise, Andre emailed me back and I was able to purchase one of my dearest possessions. I made my move from Seattle to NYC and the giant box greeted me in my building lobby. I couldn’t have been more thrilled that she was the first thing to adorn my tiny NYC apartment. From that nyc apartment to the next, she was the first thing anyone mentioned when they walked in to the space. (As you can see I even refer to her like she is not just a canvas but a person haha) It is safe to say I have bonded with this piece of art. I recently just moved back to Seattle and she was one of the few things that I brought all the way back to Seattle (along with my Eames chair and vintage 1920’s lamp). Multiple people have asked to buy her but I truly believe that this painting is one I will own forever. I think back now on how I felt when I swore I would never hear back from this super cool New York artist, and I laugh at myself. I am so thankful to not only have received a response and a killer painting, but little did I know that nearly 3 years later I would still keep in touch with and be inspired by him.


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