Andre Woolery Wants to Push You to Make Your Passion Your Profession

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Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Picasso, Rembrandt, Warhol– these are the names that immediately come to mind when thinking of the world’s most influential artists. 

Andre Woolery can now be added to the list of artists who have introduced a different way of creating art. Although you won’t find many that look like him in the world of art, Andre is debunking stereotypes and literally pushing his way into the annuls of history with his intricate pushpin pieces, electrifying oil paintings and vibrant acrylic pieces that he and his cohort call Invisible Hieroglyphics. By making the decision to follow his passion, Andre Woolery is helping people of different hues discover the colorful possibilities that exist beyond the walls of a cubicle.

As a kid, Andre did not immediately recognize his gift for the arts. For him, his knack for creating was more of a hobby. “I was into art as a kid,” says Andre. “Reflecting back I probably took it for granted. At the time it was like, ‘oh I can draw better than most people but that's just whatever.’ I never realized I was doing anything special. You don't realize that you’re actually doing something that you can excel at.  You’re in school and the things you get rewarded for are usually not artistically related. It’s about getting an A. The art thing is like 'oh that's nice'.” READ MORE