Interview by ART NOUVEAU

As an artist, Andre Woolery is interested in creating time capsules that can tell stories of what is current and contemporary. The specific lens is based on things that have heavily influenced the artist thus influencing what he create: the digital convergence in our world and black culture. Both of these areas have molded me Andre into what you see, so his creations are a direct manifestation of that influence. He aims to capture the truths that can become anthropology for both of these areas and hopefully reveal something about this current matrix we call society.

Stylistically, experimentation on a blank canvas drives Andre. He aims to test, try and reformat everything because the world is filled with possibilities and his role as an artist is to discover them. He wants each new collection or phase of his work to be part of a collective journey in pursuit of new territory or a new lens.

The end goal is to have each set of eyes that view his work to gain a brief or long lasting moment of awaking some form of consciousness. Whether it is consciousness in the form of inspiration to look at the world with a new set of possibilities, or understand the world with more clarity, or even take a step closer to a topic that is foreign to your existence. It is ultimately an exercise in his own responsible influence. We caught up with Andre before he left for his foreign exchange artist program in Jamaica. Read the rest of the article here: