Interview by The NUBLK

One of the best things about the development of Thenublk has been following the journey’s of the creatives we’ve featured. From discovering their passion and going to to develop their craft, changing direction and taking on new opportunities – a timely reflection of growth and artist development.

Best known for his ‘thumb tack art’ pieces of icons such as Grace Jones and Jay-Z, Brooklyn artist Andre Woolery (who we featured in 2011) decided to leave the past city life behind for the vibrant shores of Jamaica. In doing so he was able to re-connect and discover his Jamaican heritage and the island’s creative community.

The last time we featured your work you were enjoying the successes of life in the New York creative scene. Now you’re located in Jamaica, why the move?

In New York I was exclusively creating during my nights and weekends. Slowly I started to accumulate more ideas but the amount of time I had never changed.  This constantly haunted me and the potential of living an artistic lifestyle was fading away. Read the rest of the article here: